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  • Fallcrest

    A town of medium size, surrounded by clustered farmsteads, arranged closely so as to protect from attacks, be they [[Goblin]] in origin or otherwise. The town has a loose alliance with the nearby [[Gnome]] village, [[Nexa]]. They have apparently begun …

  • Quests

    Level 2: Level 1: * [[A Night on the Town]] * [[Missing Mayor]] * [[Goblin Raids]] * [[Keeping the Peace]] Ongoing Investigations: * [[Restless Past]] * [[Silver Skulls]] * [[Trouble at Gnome]]

  • Kanath

    Leader of the Militia since the Goblin raids of last year. Is placing an increasing level of trust in the heroes as they continue to help keep trouble away from the town.

  • Alaina

    Following the capture of her brother, Alaina emboldened and led the citizens of [[Fallcrest]] against the [[Goblin]] attacks just over a year ago. When she discovered her brother dead within the Goblin's lair, she hung herself in despair. Her spirit now …

  • Arek

    The Emissary to Nexa from Fallcrest. He has a history and good-standing relationship with the gnomes and Al Dusto.

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